The hindsight of the past
Illuminate question marks in future
Thoughts tumble through my mind
Some unkind
(Though thankfully fewer)
These day to day wanderings
Never follow a simple path
Always taking a more difficult route
A harsher commute
But incurring no wrath
Small moments gain my attention
I need this impact to awaken
I pause and recount antiquity
(once such iniquity)
Words remind, so I am shaken
Perceived lucidity causes mystery
Imagination forms what the eye wishes to see
Moments never shared
Not from lack of care
Just from ignorance by my decree
A heart so tired from beating
Regained its senses from your lips
Listening to truth
Not to spite, just soothe
Vital news that could only transfix
Pierced by your words, I am liberated
To pay farewell to misguided beliefs
Not a case of neglect
Just a way to connect
Fond moments of ardour you bequeath
It leaves me a little sparse though, as
I ponder on the unfolded destiny
It will lay its claim
It can never be the same
Although this time I wait more patiently