So many guises in our years,
Whose to say when it all becomes clear.
Signing forms and forming smiles,
All the while it still reviles.

One door opens; another closes.
I press reset for my mind’s repose.
And begin again with a fresh slate.
A new chapter,
A new challenge (they say).

The thirst for change never goes away.
The suburban silence mirrors a morgue,
So I seek out the noise
to quell my own roar.

Formations and revelations shift worlds once again,
So I press the reset to unveil a new plan.
Somewhat blurry at first, it’s never quite clear,
Like a desert oasis, bringing unquenched fear.

Will I reach my salvation?
Will I sustain more life?
Does this taste of libations or merely more strife?
A youthful gaze masks the rage,
Never malign, merely want for the divine.

To bestow some delight in my earthly years,
But perhaps more plight will make time for more cheer.
So I press once again; what next shall be?
Just a glance in the crowd, you’ll know it’s still me.

L.S. 2017