Stoicism: The Key to Modern Day Living? – London hosted the 2nd Stoic Week and I found out I had more in common with this philosophy than I realised.  Perhaps you do too.

Judge Less, Connect More – It is easy to point the finger, but difficult to focus on why we do.  I explore the judgemental side of humans that should be explored further in order to improve this unnecessary trait.

The Emancipation of the Ego – We are threatening genuine connection due to the insatiety of our internal struggle with ego.  This can be adjusted by detaching ourselves from ‘ourselves’ and I write why this is essential in order to progress.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain – Based on location, circumstance and age (amongst many factors) it is easy to see why we speed to our graves.  Perhaps reflect on the now and ponder only tomorrow, the opportunities will all come when you least expect.

The Need for Sexual Revolution – Attending Gay Pride London 2013 was inspiring, both for the cause and joining the parade with the Filipino Gay Community, but also to remind me how much work the heterosexual community I belong to needs to progress.

Gaining Inspiration from the Pop-Up Circus – a creative platform that showcases astounding talent is available for free and was a much needed source of inspiration during the torment of a healing tooth extraction.

The Higher Plain of Music – We all love music, don’t we?  Who’s your favourite band?  Actually, don’t answer that.  Don’t even segregate yourself.  Liberate your taste and I write why.

The Death of a Parent: Then & Now – My Mother’s death was unexpected and devastating but I try to fathom my reaction, comparing my experience to my Father’s death, in order to brave the world going forward.

The Miracle of Life: Being a Birth Partner – Most of us are either Mother, Father or relation, but what about being a birth partner?  I write about the experience I shared with my friend Joana, of whom I now will be bonded to forever from the moment Maria Ines entered the world.

Keep Calm in order to Carry On – Brutish behaviour never was ‘my bag’ and I address why keeping civil is entirely more respectable for mental health than to vent with venom.

Ignorance may be Blissful but it is not Bliss – Our humble fortresses, our kingdoms, our homes.  A brush with fate serves a wise reminder that to be vigilant in the world we live in is paramount to our existence.

Is Social Media killing our ‘Social Skills’?  It does not have to! – We live in a world now where it is impossible to exist without the use of Facebook, Twitter etc but how has this affected our interpersonal skills?  In my opinion, it does not have to have a negative effect.

To smoke or not to smoke; why the question? – My view on smoking; it’s not necessarily what you think…..

Inequality: Our ‘true’ desire? – After a few days observing my cousin and his girlfriend in domestic ‘bliss’, I question whether we actually want equality in a relationship.