Gaining Inspiration from the Pop-Up Circus – a creative platform that showcases astounding talent is available for free and was a much needed source of inspiration during the torment of a healing tooth extraction.

A Prodigal Daughter’s Return – My family trip to the Philippines instilled much missed sentiments of love and respect for a nation so build on a simple smile.  I also uncovered some delights to eat and visit.

Being Anti-Social: London Film Festival 2012 – The cinematic highlight of my year, the BFI Film Festival showcases hundreds of amazing movies, many of which to not necessarily get distributed in the UK, so this was my opportunity to enjoy I captured them.

The Importance of Being George – Introducing George Winks: artist, designer, furniture-maker…many things (more by the time you read this I’m sure, he’s always learning something new)

Hunting Down Hungary: Budapest Jewels – Not necessarily in your guide book.  Add to the explore list.

Eastern Promise – A move to another part of London makes me feel like a tourist again.  Holiday mode!

Feed your Eyes, Ears & Mouth at Trangallan – Inspiring venue and artists, all senses catered for.