A melancholia haunts me
As I savour days gone by
I blame the inner workings
Of a mind that cannot lie
To myself or any others
both a blessing and a curse
Striving to rid myself of shadows
It seems enlightenment’s just worse
A perpetual smile saves me
As it masks the internal woe
Radiating a promise of happiness
It’s just better no-one knows
Never contrite or revealing
As we dance from dawn til dusk
to create fantasy of love and feeling
confusing simple curiosity and lust
Only now this dance is solely
To be in-keeping with fellow beasts
The usual solitude diminishes before me
Although stability is also brief
Imprisoned by petty emotion
a fortress I want to flee
bound by shackles of human nature
All of which is so unnecessary
Sweet liberty resides within us
A truth which almost no-one claims
seeking solace through completion by another
an eternal lie is what is to blame
So I continue to move forwards
Flashes of foolishness only remind
that to re-live previous lifetimes
for progression could only be unkind
I dive into your eyes
to remember moments of peace
when simplicity & domesticity 
were yet to be released
Solar kisses sustain me
igniting the fire that lies within
those days I’ll always crave for
it’s what provides some meaning
Set aside from the pack
a viewpoint for reflection
Only guiding me back
forced to integrate for connection
A purpose to love, a purpose to give
unconditional, in order to live
perhaps one day reciprocated
LS 27.03.13