As I wait for the moon to rise
I contemplate the starry skies
Mournful reminders of birth and death
Shining brightly until the last breath

Amidst the dark blanket of night
I am comforted by this sight
The luminous skin lays peace to the earth
Unable to cast shadows on a man’s worth

Every day I wait for the sun to sleep
Closing our eyes to the sins we reap
Another day gone, another day less
Apollo’s assassin lays reality to rest

To lose myself in the dark oblivion
is to regain my senses of the living
Our daily suicide begins at dawn
As we rise to tend to the graves we call home

We grasp for love to keep our grounding
Just to keep our heartbeats pounding
Another reason to awaken
Emotions unsettled, nerves are shaken

So journey forward and come out, dear moon
And kiss goodbye to the sunlit doom
Enrobe me in your melancholy light
And mask my woes for one more night