A cycle of turmoil that repeats
Yet completes
It is strangely fulfilling (although quietly killing)
all manner of wisdom I accumulate through learning
it still leaves a yearning
The path to true clarity 
so full of disparity
between logic and emotional thought
I get caught
such mortal torment is typically fraught
With a constant attraction
(or perhaps just distraction)
to heal and to damage
a familiar language
just producing more baggage
It elicits a tedium
Free me from
such garrulous content in mind
its a bind
both in aural and vocal noise, it surrounds
whilst seeking out stasis
the basis
must be toppled
by chaos in waiting
a vascular play-thing
It exhausts all reserves
because it deserves
more attention than granted
a martyr in hiding
to its own law, abiding
An enchantment with lore
and nothing more
is counter-productive to this rotation
a thirst for elation
is what causes such devastation
So I focus on the trigger
it makes me snigger
an understanding can easily be gained
when memory is retained.
A treaty needs to be obtained