The smiles seem only forecast
When the sun creeps behind the clouds
A cue for our union is then allowed
So starry-eyed and blissful
Our laughter sprinkles the air
and all those around that stand and stare
For every moment our eyes meet
I wait for your presence to disappear
so far away soon, as you are now near
This false reality is manipulated
By the seasons in the sky
all close bonds soon to go awry
My love for you is misinterpreted
Your company does not feed me
It just seems to disease me
Long enough for an addiction
So withdrawal tests my mind
with no thought for what’s left behind
Until the sun starts shining
And the raindrops cease to fall
Only then should I expect a call
because you have your own comforts
to hold you close at night
and love you with all their might
so you do not really need me
I blend in with all others around
your detachment really does astound
So I wait for the dark clouds to cover
And the heavens to release
Bad weather is my only peace
September 2012