Ominous sounds ring around

As the city pounds the street

(There are mouths to feed)


Harbingers of mortality, distract banality

Of weekday repetition

(we daren’t make the admission)


A regular sight, from morning light

Blurring beacons with night skies

Wailing sirens provide the cries


A dying youth, a drug-fuelled plight

More blood is spilt, in the city we built

As wails dissipate, a lack of guilt


Another night, another life

Marked out by blue lights ‘til sunrise

To slumber deep, those lives belied


Perhaps a story goes to print, as we squint

Push through crowds and coffee breath

To read and mourn, the sick and dead


Reassured as sunlight comes

Another day to turn a page

Whilst one weeps, another will age


More blue lights come, to wake the illusion

Move aside to avoid confusion

Just don’t forget, it’s not your time



L.S. 2015