(Dedicated to my Mother)
The scent of your perfume fades from memory
Until a stranger passes by, then I smile
Closing my eyes to remember your face
As I breathe in deeply
I stare at stories in the dark
Illuminating the empty seat beside me
But I smile widely at the screen
(you would have too at that scene)
Your trace lingers across this City
As I peddle furiously
Peering into animated worlds
That you no longer occupy
So I gaze at my reflection
And smile at mirrors
Not through vanity
But so you look back at me
I see your eyes shine
As you look back at mine
It has taken some practice
But it disperses the sadness
Because your legacy remains
And it would be a shame
To let it fester in remorse
From events that could not change course
So I smile at mirrors
To see your face come to life
To soothe the solitude 
Of the world you waved goodbye
February 2014 L.S.