I gaze at the memories forming before me
(which happens quite frequently)
It’s no less lovingly
Fleeting moments that I never let pass by
I ingrain your habits in my mind
Although they rile me
I turn my eyes blindly
Because they make you smile
(if only for a little while)
Only visits shape our future
Can I invest more?
Time will tell
Maybe age passes more speedily
than journeys we may take
I have to admit
that a conflict remains
which only maintains
your continual gluttony
to suppress the melancholy
They hang like cobwebs
we have all tried to sweep away
think you prefer them to stay
so you can cling on
to those who have gone
I choose to live though
to self-perpetuate
it might not be too late
for you
I can but hope
But truth be told
We’ll probably grow old
forced to make the admission
and resume position
in humid territory
retelling this very story