Your children departed briefly
Only to return swiftly
Enticing me with their journey of smiles
So much affinity
Though we never met
And then we drank in the skies
With each other’s eyes
In contemplative adoration
Of this feeling of elation
My feet tread upon your cobbled stones
Ears bending toward the gentle drone
The voices of Poets
Embrace your terracotta roofs
Rising up the gilded balconies
To splash back down upon me
Saturating with nasal complexities
Remaining mysteries
The finger of Fado beckons passionately
Curving sounds through minor key
Seeking no sympathy
Only to enlighten me
With eyes closed
I sway slow
The warm breeze takes my left hand
Leading me through the land
Spinning me around
To astound
Colours abound
Wandering in isolation
I feel no desolation
Company found in corners
The ardent flora
Thoughtful reflections
From wise faces
Sharing their graces
On eager ears
Fading any fears
Your daylight embrace
Acts like siren to the sea
And I run to thee
Pushed away with the tide
As though to chide
But you mean no harm
Welcoming all to your arms
I am haunted by our tryst
As brief as my last kiss
But no less memorable
Another chapter complete
This book not yet replete