There is something serene
In the gleam of your eye
it calms the internal chaos
No more questions to ponder
as I only grow fonder
of a now, somewhat altered status
As I drown in your lips
Hands pressed close on my hips
swaying gently in sync to our hearts
Matching tempos distract
from the inevitable act
that this union I must soon depart
As I cling to the future
Days can only get fewer
As I evoke the memories of past
No-one matches your being
that’s why I’m only seeing
Something sacrosanct, in its own class
Still no questions to ponder
I grow even fonder,
thoughts of you with sun setting and rising
I can no longer eschew
constant visions of you
The logic leaves no more surmising
Sometimes humans just ‘fit’
Let’s not overthink it
just distracts from this beauty I feel
Only distance separates
Nothing else can negate
that the future is veritably real
When I glance at the mirror
Nostalgic smiles make me glimmer
Your reflection stares back on my own
I will wander ever hoping
Taking comfort in one thing
that in your arms, I found my home
L.S. 2013